For Agents

Key features that declutter, destress, and smooth out your artists audition and casting process.

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  • Manage your artist profiles
  • Submit seamlessly to casting briefs with any potential conflicts made visible
  • Status report for handling auditions and requests throughout the entire casting process
  • A suite of video editing tools to including trimming
  • Integrated wardrobe forms
  • Calendar overview of your artists upcoming live auditions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Altai cost?
Altai is free of charge for Agents, for unlimited staff members. We may charge for new premium features at a later date, but there will always be a free tier with the functionality available today - and this free tier will be expanded.
How do I add an artist to my roster?
Simply visit your Artist Roster and click 'Invite artists to roster'.
How do I add and remove team members?
The first person to join Altai in a company is assigned admin rights, and can add / remove other users as required. If the administrator leaves the company, admin rights can be assigned to one of their colleagues.
How can we manage the status of different artists?
We support auditions, callbacks, chemistry meetings and role status progression on Altai. As requests come in, you can forward these to artists or answer on their behalf.
How does messaging and communication work?
Altai has a range of communication tools built right into the app. As well as a sophisticated email system.