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Key features that declutter, destress, and smooth out your artists audition and casting process.

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Seamlessly submit to casting briefs

Receive casting briefs via Altai and email for all types of production.

Easily submit your artists for roles with the ability to add notes, select alternative headshots and apply filters to meet the role criteria.

Artist roster

Flexible onboarding options available as well as the ability to edit and update your artist's account at anytime.

Review and export submission reports.

Upload and watch self tapes in maximum quality

Tapes can be viewed and downloaded up to 1080p resolution. In-browser editing tools including trimming, re-order and rename clips.

Agents or artists on the free tier do not have storage restrictions when uploading self tapes.

Manage audition requests and updates effortlessly

Multiple options available when processing audition requests: forward onto your artist, respond on their behalf or share details automatically via email.

Respond to availability checks as well as updates relating to your artists status within the casting process.

Streamlined communication with casting

An industry first feature, casting offices have a seamless way to update artist’s status in real time with their agent. Whether they are no longer in consideration, on hold or confirming them for the role, alleviating some of the mental health impact on artists not knowing the outcome of their audition.

Directly message casting throughout the audition process, which also triggers an email for both casting and agents.

Ability for the casting team to provide live feedback on self tapes.

Transparency with open casting calls

If casting offices hold an open casting call within Altai
and your artist applies, they need to specify if they are represented.

If they select your agency, you will automatically receive an email informing you that they have applied for the open casting call.

Freelance directory

Search freelance artists from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, nationalities, languages, gender identities and artists living with disabilities.

The most advanced search and filtering options available to our industry.

Curate professional and beautiful pitch links (coming soon)

Include artist profiles, video clips, headshots, biography, press kit, credits, IMDb links and notes.

Securely share with clients via a link or export to PDF.

Secure sharing

Casting offices have the ability to integrate NDA’s and automate watermarking on selected documents.


Overview of upcoming live auditions across all casting offices and projects.

Integrated forms

Questions and wardrobe forms are built into Altai.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Altai cost?
Altai is free of charge for Agents, for unlimited staff members. We may charge for new premium features at a later date, but there will always be a free tier with the functionality available today - and this free tier will be expanded.
How do I add an artist to my roster?
Simply visit your Artist Roster and click 'Invite artists to roster'.
How do I add and remove team members?
The first person to join Altai in a company is assigned admin rights, and can add / remove other users as required. If the administrator leaves the company, admin rights can be assigned to one of their colleagues.
How can we manage the status of different artists?
We support auditions, callbacks, chemistry meetings and role status progression on Altai. As requests come in, you can forward these to artists or answer on their behalf.
How does messaging and communication work?
Altai has a range of communication tools built right into the app. As well as a sophisticated email system.