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A simple, intuitive interface that puts tools front and centre to help cast each project with incredible efficiency.

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Host live sessions either in person or online

Live sessions are browser-based and held all within Altai. Record multiple takes which are uploaded instantly with the ability to trim and edit scenes.

Streamlined collaboration with clients

Share auditions, wardrobe forms, documents, lists as well as upcoming online sessions for a client to join, all made available within one link.

Simple, secure sharing

Automated watermarking on selected documents, integrate NDA's and control the release stages of documents.

Curate beautiful, dynamic lists

Seamlessly add from the Altai directory or manually add. Include internal office notes and share with clients.
  • Full end to end management of the audition and casting process
  • Host live sessions either in person, online or self tape
  • Integrate NDA's
  • Automated watermarking
  • Real-time notification feed
  • A suite of in-browser editing tools
  • Integrated wardrobe forms
  • Manage an artists status in real time
  • Create internal office lists and share with clients

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Altai cost?
Altai is free of charge for Casting Offices, for unlimited staff members. We may charge for new premium features at a later date, but there will always be a free tier with the functionality available today - and this free tier will be expanded.
How many videos can we host on Altai?
You can host unlimited videos on Altai. And this includes footage from online auditions which is available straight after the session, ready for you to trim and manage as needed.
How do I add and remove users?
The first person to join Altai in a company is assigned admin rights, and can add / remove other users as required. If the administrator leaves the company, admin rights can be assigned to their colleague.
How do auditions work on Altai?
Sessions can be In Person, Online, or via Self-Tape. Live sessions are browser-based and held all within Altai, which makes it easy-to-use and means no additional software is required.
How can I share my work with clients?
Deliver a beautiful experience to your clients with Channels.
 Showcase selected tapes, lists as well as upcoming live sessions to join online.
 All made available within one link.