Our story

It’s no mystery that our industry is operating in a time of unparalleled transformation, in which new technologies and modes of engagement are rapidly shifting, along with the rise of more authentic and inclusive storytelling across our screens and stages. This period should be full of opportunity and collaboration as we live in one of the most diverse nations on earth.

However, working at the coalface of our industry, we’ve recognised that the challenges posed by this rate of change are unsolvable with the current tools and solutions available. As a result, our industry is faced with never-ending administration. It’s eroding the audition and casting process, but more importantly - it’s undermining our ability to innovate and connect with the storytelling potential of our nation and beyond.

To thrive in this ever changing environment, we require a bespoke casting solution that is relevant and adaptable to the current and future needs of our industry.

It was here Altai was born.

Through a community-driven approach, robust solutions and thoughtful design, we aim to provide a beautiful and intuitive experience to help manage the audition and casting process with ease.

From the outset, our mission has always been to provide a platform which is adaptable and grows with our industry, one that truly dismantles the barriers to entry for misrepresented and marginalised communities whilst addressing the systemic pain points that have only heightened since the pandemic.

Facilitating an eco-conscious screen industry has also been a founding principle that has guided Altai. By 2024, our platform aims to be carbon negative. Altai aims to establish a new benchmark for the casting process, as it presents a global and sustainable solution, committed to growing with our community of creatives.

We’re really excited to introduce you to Altai and hope you’ll join us on the journey.

Josh Algie and Renee Currie,


The story behind Altai

'Six years ago, I hiked throughout Mongolia and the highlight of this trek was two days spent crossing the Altai Mountain range. The Altai Mountains are where the borders of four countries unite and come together, it's an incredible melting pot of diverse landscapes and holds a rich historic past of storytelling.

Altai, and what it represents seemed a fitting name for our platform, as it too is a convergence of different communities and cultures. Four core users coming together in one place - Artists, Agents, Casting and Clients.'

- Josh