We thought it might be nice to share a little more insight into why we got started, and what gets us out of bed in the morning.

Renee and I have worked together for many years, myself in Casting both abroad and here in Sydney, and Renee as an Agent as well as managing an acting college. We loved our careers and cared deeply for our Industry, however we’d often discuss the barriers that were stopping our Industry from creating our best work.

Casting is a complicated endeavour, to put it mildly! But what we found from working at the coalface was that no-one was getting a great experience. For Artists, in an age of authenticity, there hasn’t been a platform which enables them to truly showcase their craft in the best possible light.

Although the rise in self taping has meant more opportunities, there’s little transparency throughout the audition and casting process for Artists and their Agents. This is simply because the administration has become unsustainable for Casting and there hasn’t been a seamless way to provide updates and feedback.

Everything felt fractured and creative standards weren’t being met. Where’s the longevity in all of this for our Industry? We couldn’t accept that this is how things had to be. Our industry deserves better. We believe creatives should have superior tools that deliver and inspire definitive work.

So we decided to start Altai, driven by one simple but powerful thought: Creatives first. Always.

Designed from the ground up with modern workflows in mind to get rid of all the admin headaches and let people focus on what they’re passionate about - creating great work. That’s what inspires and drives us to do our best work - not just Renee and I, but our whole team. We want this to be your platform as much as ours…so we can all focus on doing what we love doing.

Sincerely, thank you for your support so far. We’re well on our way and rest assured, this is just the beginning.

January 24, 2024